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Apr 12, 2012

Enable ad-hoc wifi networking on Android

Google has disabled wireless ad-hoc networking in Android from day one. Underlying Android libraries and wifi stack support adhoc networking and so far Google has provided no explanation why it still, even after

Jul 4, 2011

Google caught cheating in Android@Home demo

You would expect that Google will use Android@Home protocol in it's Android@Home demo [1], right?   Well it looks like Google got caught cheating. It looks like Google has actually used equipment

May 12, 2010

Google wants http:// to die

From what Google is doing in Chrome/Cromium browsers it is obvious that Google wants http to disappear. Google is saying that http confuses regular users, but that is just pure PR nonsense

Apr 2, 2009

Midori faster than Google Chrome

Midori is a Web Browser, that aims to be lightweight and fast. I love using Midori because it is the fastest browser on Fedora, I still use Firefox but for most sites Midori