Midori faster than Google Chrome

  Midori is a Web Browser, that aims to be lightweight and fast. I love using Midori because it is the fastest browser on Fedora, I still use Firefox but for most sites Midori does the job and much faster.
  There are some issues, like occasional crashes but I saw on Midori project site that there is a new version[1] out so hopefully that will fix some of the issues.
  How to pronounce Midori?
Pronounce it “midoɺi”, with a Bavarian/ Japanese “r” or “Mee-Doh-Ree” in English or read it Italian. The name comes from the Japanese word 緑 (みどり) for the colour “green”.
  I'm really surprised how little people know about Midori. It is a fabulous browser and extremely fast! It is based on WebKit; Google Chrome is also based on WebKit but Midori feels even faster.
  To install it on Fedora just issue this command as root:
su - [enter your root password]
yum install midori
  I'm not sure if there is a package for Ubuntu but there is no package for Debian 5.0 in Debian repositories:(
  There is a newer[1] version of Midori than one in Fedora repos, so I issued RFE[2] in Ferdora bugzilla. I hope new version hits the repos soon if some strange dependecies don't stop it from being upgraded. Also check out Midori FAQ[3].

  [1] Midori Blog - Latest version [2] Fedora RFE for new Midori version [3] Midori FAQ