May 12, 2010

Google wants http:// to die

From what Google is doing in Chrome/Cromium browsers it is obvious that Google wants http to disappear. Google is saying that http confuses regular users, but that is just pure PR nonsense and a lie.
The real reason is that spdy:// would confuse users, but Google is spinning it a different way and Chrome/Chromium developers must do as Google tells them to do.
If you aren't familiar with spdy:// it is a new and protocol that is faster and better than http protocol for browsing, it is developed by Google.
Spdy hasn't gained much traction since it's announcement, and none of major sites uses spdy protocol yet, so to make it ambiguous Google has decided to remove http from Chrome/Chromium browsers address bar thus causing lots of havoc.
Chromium developers aren't listening to any comment and just ignore all issues that have been cropping up. For me first issue is that copy/paste of url links on Linux is broken, but there are more serious issues if you read through comments.
Now even commentig is disabled and on the bug page there is a message saying: "This issue is read-only. New comments cannot be added." This is a really bad move from Chromium developers. The discussion was locked on first mention of spdy protocol.
The obvious solution to show http:// when users click on the address bar just isn't what Google wants, no matter what users want.