Phoronix test suite with gui on Fedora just a step away...

  Phoronix test suite is great benchmarking suite, unfortunately packages in Fedora are stuck at version 1.8.   So how hard is it to download and use Phoronix test suite from their site? Actually really easy of you don't need gui, because running gui has some depencies that aren't in Fedora.   To use cli version just download and unpack the archive and you are good to go.   You need two packages that aren't in Fedora, php-gtk, but php-gtk also has it's dependency - pecl-cairo. There is a nice howto for installing php-gtk from tar.gz package but it doesn't work for Fedora.   php-gtk needs to be downloaded from svn because tar.gz version is really old and doesn't work with php 5.3  

Here is how I got all components built.
  First let's install dependencies:
su -c "yum install php-cli php-devel make gcc gtk2-devel svn"

Wordpress on my blog prevents me from using change directory with absolute paths so I need to create an variable.

mkdir /tmp/fts


First you need to compile dependency needed by php-gtk:

cd $directory
svn co pecl-cairo
cd pecl-cairo/
./configure make
su -
cd $directory/pecl-cairo/
make install


Now you can download php-gtk from svn and compile it:

cd $directory
svn co php-gtk
cd php-gtk
./buildconf ./configure make
su -
cd $directory/php-gtk/
make install


Everything is setup for Phoronix test suite:

cd $directory
tar xvzf phoronix-test-suite-2.8.1.tar.gz
su -
cd $directory/phoronix-test-suite
./install-sh exit


When starting Phoronix test suite as regular user this error is shown:
$ phoronix-test-suite gui
The PHP GTK module must be loaded for the GUI.
This module can be found @


When starting Phoronix test suite as root this error appears:
$ phoronix-test-suite gui
PHP Fatal error: Class 'GtkWindow' not found in /usr/share/phoronix-test-suite/pts-core/objects/gtk/ptsgtkwindow.php on line 24

It seams that there is still some issue, but this is just step away from working. So please take where I left to get Phoronix test suite running on Fedora.