February 17, 2008

My Mugshot on Wordpress blog

I have used mugshot service for some time now and I really like it. If you haven't used it before I highly recommend you sign up and install mugshot client. So far I know this is the only linux user specific social network service and it is made by Red Hat. There is also a windows client but it is more tailored to linux desktop users.

So I wanted to spice up my blog a bit. Wordpress has sidebar in which you can add different add ons. Mugshot people have made "mugshot mini badges" that you can put on your facebook, wordpress and other blogs.

You need to go to your Wordpress administration page and under Manage / Files edit Sidebar file. Choose the appropriate place and just copy/paste the code from mugshot badges page.

If you are interested in how mugshot mini badge looks like here it is:

Flash version has some issues with my blog, so I found a HTML one also and here is how it looks like: