September 9, 2010

My firsts Open Source Desk Design

Seams that nobody makes double desks, as my girlfriend and I need need double desk so we can work together at home, I have decided to design one myself.
I'll be posting designs as they progress and hope to get further ideas how to improve this design, like adding cable management and mount for light that will be integrated on top of desktop area.
Dimensions we can work with are up to 170x65cm (70x25.5 inch) for top desktop area.
Here is how V1.0 of double desk currently looks like:

Easiest and really nice app for creating and designing furniture is Google Sketchup, it isn't Open Source but it is free as in beer. I plan to release final design under some Open Source licence (any recommendations?).
Have you seen some cool desk designs I can borrow ideas from?
Download Google Skektchup 3D model.