May 1, 2008

My eeexperience with Fedora 9


This is a short post regarding my experience installing and using Fedora 9 (currently preview, not released version).
I have tried installing eeedora on 8GB SD card for many times but without any success. I have successfully run eeedora from my usb stick but when I tried installing it on SD card it failed while trying to copy files from USB stick to SD card.
I have external DVD burner so I popped in Fedora 9 Preview. To my surprise, after bad experience with eeedora, installation went smooth. I had some issues with LVM crashing anaconda but after I manually created partitions with fdisk and rebooted Fedora 9 it was installed without any problems. After partitioning the only issues were the GUI ones - anaconda installer just doesn't fit in such a small screen. I hope that can be fixed before Fedora 9 ships.

Here is how Fedora 9 boot screen looks like on Asus eee:


Fedora 9 wallpaper looks great on eee, much better than on my big 19" screen. The issue here is that "Install fedora" icon is visible but the text beneath isn't. If you don't know exaclty what you are looking for it is hard to start the installation. Here is how Fedora 9 looks on my Asus eee:


Here is how Anaconda Installer looks like like on eee:



As you can see the buttons aren't visible in Anaconda installer.

When I used "create default partition layout" with LVM this is the error I got:



I tried saving this bug but save button freezes Anaconda, so I couldn't save the bug report.

These all are just small cosmetic bugs and I'm overly impressed how great Fedora 9 works on my little eee! I can't wait to use it in my daily routine because Xandoros has lots of limitations compared to Fedora.