December 21, 2006

Linux Mint 2.1 released

linux mint

Did some of last linux distro leave you with a sour taste in your mouth? Answer to all your linux troubles is Linux Mint!

Ha, ha... like some '50 US commercial.
But really, Linux Mint is a great distribution for new linux users as for veterans, too. Essentially it is the updated Ubuntu 6.10 but with added bonus - video and audio codecs are included plus great wireless support and some apps that Ubuntu doesn't run out of the box. There are some issues regarding distribution of codecs if you are in the US. We in Europe don't have such restrictions so feel free to distribute it, even if you are in US it is not illegal to give Linux Mint to your friends.

I will make a review of it as soon as it downloads. For the time being, see the official release notes:

Linux Mint 2.1 - A new stable version of Linux Mint has been released: "Linux Mint 2.1, code name "Bea", is out and available for download." Here is a brief list of some of the changes since version 2.0: "OpenOffice 2.1; mintDesktop, which adds a lot of desktop improvements; quick access to the computer, home places and terminal; ability to delete files directly without sending them to the trash; mintDesktop home folders; Beagle search; Tomboy notes; network manager; mintWifi, the purpose of which is to configure a wireless card without an Internet connection; tutorials to install and configure WiFi cards; a collection of WiFi drivers to support about 40 different wireless card models; RealPlayer was replaced with MPlayer plugins with support for Quicktime, AVI, MPG and a lot of other web content; Flash plugin was upgraded to version 9 Beta 2...." Read the detailed release announcement for further information. Download (MD5): LinuxMint-2.1.iso (695MB).