January 1, 2008

Install Cinelerra on Fedora 8

Although Cinelerra is GPL licened application it is not available in default Fedora repositories because it depends on some packages that Fedora doesn't distribute because of patent issues.

If you use Livna repository that you are out of luck because only Freshrpms repository has Cinellera in it's repository. If you try to use Freshrpms after you allready have installed some packages from Livna you will be confronted with dependency hell because these two repositories conflict on number of packages.

I can't work without some packages in Livna so I wen't out looking for an answer, and I found one! It is called Kwizart repository. Kwizart repository is compatible with Livna so you won't have any problems installing Cinelerra if you are using Livna repository.
All you need to do is this:

su w get http://kwizart.free.fr/fedora/kwizart-release-8.noarch.rpm rpm -ivh kwizart-release-8.noarch.rpm yum install cinelerra --enablerepo=kwizart

Now you have brand new Cinelerra installed on your Fedora 8.

Livna and Freshrpms (plus a few others) repositories are merging in RPMFusion RPM repository for Fedora and when they start providing packages Cinelerra will be there, but until then this is a workaround solution.


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