February 28, 2008

Howto compile uvcvideo linux webcam module for Fedora



If you have followed my previous webcam howto guide and found out that you need uvcvideo module for your webcam just follow this howto.

First install subversion, if you don't already have it installed, so you can get the latest code from uvcvideo project svn repository. As root just start yum in console or if you like gui application managers like pirut just use them. Here is how you can install it with yum:

yum install subversion

now you need to get the source code for uvcvideo webcam module:

svn checkout svn://svn.berlios.de/linux-uvc/linux-uvc/trunk linux-uvc

and when the download is complete you can compile the code:

cd linux-uvc make

Now you need to become root and install the module in correct place:

su make install INSTALL_MOD_DIR=extra/uvc

Then you will get an error saying:

depmod -ae `uname -r` /bin/sh: depmod: command not found
because you don't have /sbin directory in your path so only thing you still need is this:
/sbin/depmod -ae `uname -r`

now you can load your module with command:

/sbin/modprobe uvcvideo

and run cheese to test your webcam.




ps. I choose images for my blog by going to http://images.google.com and seraching for the most obvious keyword in the article, for this article it the word was webcam. As you can see this keyword provided some interesting search results :)