June 6, 2009

Give me some Fedora Ear Candy

This simple utility sits in your traybar, watches on the windows on your desktop and manages the sounds for you. Let’s say for example you’re listening some music. Then suddenly a skype call comes. Ear Candy will lower the music automatically for you until the skype call is ended. Same (with fries) for movies and whatever else you want.
Ear candy features a nice configuration panel which lets you configure settings for each application. Since the preset apps are very few, you may want to add new ones. In order to do that, open that app, make it produce some sound, then click the “+” button and select it from the list you see.
Ear Candy looks like a fabulous usability feature that I would love to see on Fedora as a default (F12 maybe?).
For more info check out these two blog post:

  • EarCandy is a Smart PulseAudio Volume Manager
  • <li><a href="http://www.stefanoforenza.com/ear-candy-makes-your-gnome-desktop-a-little-bit-smarter/">Ear Candy makes your Gnome Desktop a little bit smarter</a></li>

    And this video demo: