February 11, 2009

Fedora 10 Installfest - ATI x1250 on Fedora fails :(

I just held Fedora 10 Installfest on which there were some laptops with ATI x1250 video chip. I have mostly experience with Intel video cards which run smoothly on Fedora.
I heard and read from others how ATI proprietary drivers have enormously prospered in last few months and how great they work on Linux desktop, so I was surprised to see this card failing so much on Fedora 10.
I know that it is now Fedora Project's fault but probably ATI or X.org, but no matter how much I tried to explain that to the people on Installfest they conclued: Ubuntu works, Fedora does not.
It is not easy being Fedora Ambasador :(
This ATI x1250 card worked poorly with default Xorg drivers :( It was slow, some artefacts emerged, video was slow in fullscreen... lots of issues.
We upgraded Xorg and kernel but that didn't help.
Then I enabled rpmfusion repo and installed ATI proprietary fglrx driver. After init 3 and then init 5 it failed to launch X server :(
Reboot - and still the same....
Reboot into old kernel without fglrx - X starts with Xorg driver but still old issues are present.
The icing on the cake was when Ubuntu 8.10 worked great on that same laptop. How can I convince people that Fedora 10 is a great distro when I can't make it run properly on same hardware Ubuntu runs.
DId anybody get ATI x1250 to run ok with default Xorg drivers on Fedora 10? How?
Did anybody get ATI x1250 to run ok with propretary ATI fglrx drivers on Fedora 10? How?