May 29, 2010

Btrfs Fedora Remix

Currently I'm testing if it is possible to create btrfs live CD-USB Fedora Remix. If this works next release of Community Fedora Remix will have btrfs by default.
What you need to do is to edit Fedora kickstart file. Instead of just one line that creates single ext4 root partiion you also need a dedicated /boot partition. Currently it is not possible to boot from btrfs partition.
Original lines from Fedora kickstart files look like this:

part / --size 5000 --fstype ext4
And you need to change so it look like this:
part /boot --size 120 --fstype ext4 part / --size 6000 --fstype="btrfs" bootloader --location=mbr --append="btrfs"
  Keeping my fingers crossed that this works ;)   UPDATE: This isn't working, livecd-creator just fails when use kickstart file that is edited this way. I got a tip to try one different setup:
part /boot –size=128 –onpart=sda1 –fstype=ext3 part pv.01 –size=128 –onpart=sda2 –grow volgroup VolGroup pv.01 logvol / –size=128 –vgname=VolGroup –fstype=btrfs –grow –name=root –fsoptions=ssd
  This works so far that it creates iso image but it is ext3 image, and not btrfs?!? Any ideas on how to create btrfs livecd is more than welcome.