December 13, 2006

anonymous web browsing using TOR on linux

TOR - the Onion router

I really love anonymity even for casual daily browsing, so here is a little howto setup TOR on fedora core 6 machine. I will try to update this howto for Ubuntu because I have it running on my home machine.

yum install tor privoxy

Then edit  /etc/privoxy/config
and add the following line:

forward-socks4a / localhost:9050 .

Mind the dot at the end of the line, don't drop it, it has to be there.

Just start both services

/etc/init/tor start
/etc/init/privoxy start
Now download Firefox extension Torbutton and enjoy.

If you have some problems check out the documentation, but I have firewall and adsl modem and everything worked out without any problems.

That's it.

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